Main Floor:

Power in every room



Lobby area with shoe racks, coat-ready hooks, washing machine (clothes), Large larder + tall Large fridge convertible to the freezer. F10 + Access to CELLAR from the lobby area.


Phone, dishwasher, modern gas cooker, double sink, counter spaces, dish cupboards, drawers, table, air conditioner, High fridge F9, cutlery drawers, Fire extinguisher, etc.


Bath, shower, toilet, sink, glazed window, etc.

Stairs to the right on entering the Dining Room.


Dining Room:
Phone. Large strong wooden table with six wooden chairs. Classy glass and wood Cabinet, Vitamin cupboard, and drawers. Ironing board (folds discretely into wall). Ham Radio Wireless station.


Living Room:
Wood-fueled fireplace, Large viewing TV/computer. Easy chair recliner and sofa. View of flowers via solarium window. Fire extinguisher.


Master Bedroom:
Walk-in clothes closet, essential oils storage shelves, drawers, cupboard, window to outside area. double bed.


Office Spaces:
Small space adjoining the living room. Phone, two desks with chairs and internet connections. lots of shelving.


Double-glazed for year-round flower growing/seed starting area (good extra insulation for HOMESTEAD). Large 4′ tropical fish tank (viewable through office B window). Air Water Purifier (generates water from the atmosphere). Double-glazed Solarium door to berry-garden bushes and 4′ outer gate on 68th Avenue.


Walking up past the window landing leads up to the attic main landing with wardrobe and two double bedrooms + one single bedroom. Skylight windows, small toilet, lobby with coffee table and (small) fridge 2. + Storage cupboard for dry goods.


Lower Level / CELLAR:
Accessed via Trapdoor from front of Lobby larder. Natural gas Water furnace can be lit via the installed inverter if power is out. A place for hanging clothes, food storage shelving, two F7 & F6 freezers, then a Doorway to the ex-rental area. Past Winery shelving corridor with bottled wines, juices, and such, new and old. More storage of many survival essentials. Electric stove (long unused). Small fridge SmF5 more boxes of wine, stored by the year for years, etc. Single Bed piled with storage of cases of dehydrated foodstuffs, etc. food shelving.


Electric Panel:
Can be adapted to run the house from an outside generator during a power-out (just a quick change of plug-ins). Toilet w/shower – water and effluence run via (presently not connected) electric pump. Small double freezer-cupboard used for winter coats + small freezers, sF4 & sF3.


Separate electric panel for garages. Garage double doors. The heated main garage with an automated garage door is secure for one vehicle and also has a carpenter’s bench with vice and many kinds of hand tools, power tools, equipment, paint, painting supplies, electric, sprayers. Fire extinguisher, chainsaw, saws, nails, tacks, screws, etc. Extra insulation on outer walls. The entrance door to the Boathouse from the Main Garage is presently used for bulk-secured grain + dry-goods storage.


Second Garage:
Also Kept at a relatively even temperature all year round. High multiple shelving mostly for canned food storage, winter Tires, + three cooling storage SF 2 &1 units.


Garage Attic Area:
Entered by a two-storey ladder from the tall double gate inner area. Used for old (could possibly be useful) stuff-type storage. The Aluminium Garage roof is long, sun-facing, large, and very suitable for installing half a dozen future solar panels.


9+ Extra Outbuildings:
Garages, greenhouse, wine bottle storage shack chicken coop, grain shed, hay and wood pellet shack, old ex-duck house, outdoor toilet, bike & summer lawn chairs storage shed, and sF9 out-outbuilding at the front door.


Four stepladders, large & small sizes. Lots of spare plywood, tin or aluminum sheet metal, wood 2X4s, etc. for projects. Long lumber-covered storage by the left side of the garage. Several cold frames that do need repairing. crossbow+ and ammo,. Sewing kit and the like.