About Us and Our Property

Everything you’ll ever need is all ready for you, right here!


Why are we selling? We are both over 76 years old and the time has come to downsize. 

We see the importance of being prepared and secure.
Our property has a large separate double garage.
Our home is an Unimposing Basic Dwelling, a Solid Homestead with Aluminum roof

that was built originally on three city lots.
It is now registered as one lot and has an high fence surrounding the entire property.

There are eight remaining openable, but secured, exit gates plus the garage doors.
All the needed garden/farm equipment, etc. will remain for the buyer’s convenience!
We have been fencing, improving, updating and renovating all areas of the property, inside and out, for about 12 years.
A large cultivated garden has been developed including vineyards.
This is a market garden area that can supply all your necessary produce for selling or just feeding your family and friends around the neighbourhood.
Raised beds with easy walkways all around the garden areas
ORCHARD AREA plus several types of FRUIT TREES ALL AROUND the place.
A LOVELY LAWN with several benches on walk-around pathway.
A FULLY STOCKED WINE CELLAR and STILL (for making stronger stuff). All the fruits for the wines and brandy, etc. were cultivated (over the years) in our garden.
A LARGE, WELL-INSULATED, HEATED GREENHOUSE, is good for starting early from seed. The early transplantable shoots of tomatoes, lettuce, watermelon, squash, cabbage, carrots etc. etc. extend the Spring/Summer growing season by at least two months.
Lots of seed of all kinds are a part of the deal.
THE GREENHOUSE also has A WOOD STOVE available for augmenting the regular heat (only when necessary ) in mid-winter times.
Outside Summer Kitchen – great for canning, etc. during summer heat.

Storage areas filled with lots of canned goods and there are ABUNDANT EMERGENCY FOOD STORAGE areas
Emergency Food ALL STAYS with you, when we leave.

The Solarium flourishes and blossoms, as seen through the living room and office windows, all year round!

Large Aquarium also in Solarium.
The HOUSE’S WOOD STOVE is the main heat source for your whole house, which is FABULOUSLY INSULATED.
Heating can be augmented by electric and natural gas appliances (which are almost never needed).
Lots of Dehydration equipment + one new   5 tray Freeze Dryer.
Large secure Generator for house power outages + 2 smaller use generators.

SOLAR PANELS augment your electric use.
All INTERNET CONNECTIONS are hardwired and ready on the main and upper levels.

Many Water butts and one large water storage tank.
Overhead watering systems/ many hoses plus drip watering hoses

9+ Extra Outbuildings:
Garages/greenhouse/ glass and wine bottle storage shack/chicken coop/ grain shed/ hay and wood pellet shack/ old ex-duck house storage shack/outdoor toilet for garden workers/bike & summer lawn chairs storage shed/
sF9 &10 freezers out-outbuilding at the front door.

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