The Lawn:
16TH Street inside lawn is about 30’ x 30’ surrounded by a smoothish (river stones) pathway, benches, gooseberry bushes, redcurrant bushes, flowers, herbs, raspberries, etc., and two types of Vine grapes. Concord and Coronation.


Horticultural Garden:
Pathways to easily reach the many raised beds with Concord, Coronation, Beta, and Fosch vineyard grapes around the edges. Hoses are kept during winter in a series of cupboards between the garden and the ‘Jar Corridor’ – another insulation benefit for the Homestead. Overhead watering system for agricultural parts of the garden.


Garden Produces:
Raspberries, Strawberries, thornless Blackberries, and whatever Vegetables you plant. This year produced abundant Yams, Cantaloupe, Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Garlic, turnip, Orac, Corn etc. etc.
Sour Cherries, Peas, and Beans were slow this year, but are not normally so.


Pears from an Anjou Pear tree next to the Lawn plus 1 Italian plum and 1 pear next to the greenhouse.


The Orchard:
Bartlet pear, apple, and 2 prune plums plus an apricot tree (IS ON OUR PROPERTY but the trunk is outside of the orchard area). This has a bench for meditating.


Vineyard grapes & wines:
You’ll also get Apricots, mostly from the old Apricot tree but also from a couple of newer apricot trees that are beginning to produce next to the lawn pathway. The Sour Cherry tree has been slow for the last two years and probably needs some dunging round about. Two Large compost heaps at the end of the garden area need to be spread throughout the garden before Spring to ensure another good crop of whatever you plant. Lots of work!


Garden Shed and Garden Tools:
Lawnmower, spades, rakes, picks, mulcher, whippersnippers, anti-mosquito lamp, etc. Moving on past the #1 Rain Water Barrel we turn left past the Peas and Tomato Tower area on the right and past the #2 Rain Water Barrel on the left towards the Chicken Coops area. The Rhubarb plants are looking a bit tired from all this sunny weather, but they are still ‘leafy’. They hardly got used this year. Straight ahead is the Granary with all the stored Chicken food scratch, grain, pellets, and such. On the left is the storage shack for wood pellets and chicken straw.


Chicken Coop:
Auto early daylight in the winter gives Lots of eggs all year round. The whole coop area is completely covered with netting to keep predators out. such as raccoons, skunks, etc. There is an adjoining area where the chickens may roam and scratch for bugs, worms, and so on, freely during the daylight hours. The summer washing lines are in a separate area nearby.


Back to the 16th entrance area:
The outer fence is about 8 feet high and the gate is secured at night. Walking the concrete path under the Grape Vine pathway towards the door and past the Roses, we see #3 Rain Water Barrel on our left and an sF9 out-outbuilding on our right. they have an extra insulation Jar corridor storage for canning provisions, winter boots, etc. If we had turned left, past the summer kitchen and juice processing area (needs special insulation during winter) Outside propane cooker + double sink + spirit Still, Shelving. We pass the large, insulated, heatable Greenhouse and the Nettle patch cold frame on our left. Dehydrating equipment in the greenhouse. Multiple shelving for early seeding.


Our Main Woodpile:
Boxes of chopped logs stacked behind both the Greenhouse and the bottle storage shack /+ garden coverings/nettings, veggie coverings, frost blankets, frost guards, traps (mouse, rat, skunk, and raccoon) triple charger for batteries for winter charging, etc. A couple of Solar panels are on the bottle shack roof. Lots of extra pots/flowerpots, etc. for ‘tower growing’ in drier weather. Two-and-a-half-foot concrete fire cooker for use if/when the power goes out.


Outer Freezer #12:
Here is #4 Rain-Water Barrel, next to one of the small pear trees. Just past the large emergency insulated water storage tank on the right, fitted with a non-freeze mechanism for winter use. Next is our # 5 Rain-Water Barrel, Wireless flagpole, and secured Generator room in which you will see the built-in large generator and log splitter plus storage for our emergency stock of imitation wood fuel. This is all inside a lockable metal grill. Measured Plywood Window panels are also stored here in preparation for possible hurricane-type emergencies. Large 8′ secured outside gate leads to unsecured 4’ outer fence, Redcurrant and Blackcurrant berry bushes area on 68th Avenue + #6 Rain Water Barrel. The 16th and 68th rows of bulbs give wonderful spring flower colors around the outer rim of Homestead on 68th.


From the 16th front door:
Just a short walk on a concrete pathway to the two garages, mostly under the Bower of #2 Apricot tree branches, and past the bike shed leads to the outer walkway corridor to gate#2 past the garage. Flat carrier Dolly and upright dolly, Metal car ramps. Numerous barrels. bike racks. Workman’s entrance secured gate.


Around the Perimeter of the Property:
Numerous trees, fir, cedar, spruce, and the like. Horse radish, summer floral displays on outside areas of the property. Quiet street. Lots of room to street park on 68th Avenue or 16th Street. Low traffic area. Water hydrant right on Corner of 16th & 68th. Walking distance to large grocery stores and even downtown stores.